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Traditional Backyard Omani Dinner Private Home Dining

Kalbuh, Muscat

Marhaba to Oman from the Almaani family! We are a close knit, Omani family who resides in Old Muscat, next to Kalbuh Park, on the Mutrah corniche. This picturesque area of Old Muscat is surrounded by remnants of Omani forts, towering mountains, directly on the beautiful coastline. Our beloved home belonged to our grandfather and has been carried down to the current generation. We still remember the days where we used to use our boats to get to what is now known as Mutrah Souq. The historical preservation of our family’s journey and culture is through the stories and tales we will share during the food experience. We welcome you to join our outdoor majlis where you can enjoy our traditional Omani dishes made from generations of family handed down recipes. The dinner will include an explanation of how generations before us lived off the land, preserving natural resources for food, medicine and beauty. Below is a sample menu of the buffet. We welcome you to join our family dinner – come and let us show you the true meaning of Omani hospitality!

Note: We can offer Henna upon request, however, there will be additional charges.

A Local food buffet



Sambosah, Bakora, Katshouri, Traditionaly cooked Chick peas, Mix of SaladsA mix of samosah filled with vegetables or meat. Fried potato balls. Seafood potato balls. pressure cooked chickpeas with vegetables.

Main Course:

Grilled Seafood, Traditional Omani Chicken Orsiya or Harees, Daal, Bread basketA mix of grilled seafood options including: fish, shrimp and crabs served with green salad, rice and Omani bread. Seafood options can include Pablo, a yellow fish curry or Aoul, dried shark to be used in either a salad or curry. Meat options can include beef, lamb or chicken can include traditional Harees, Thareed (bread with curry), or Orsiya. Finally Daal soup served with chapati bread or Omani bread.


Golah, Khabisah, Luqaimat, Fruits. Golah is a traditional desert made out of flat bread mixed with date honey and ghee. Khabisa is dates mixed with flour and ghee. While Luqaimat are fried dough balls dipped in syrup

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  • rubyp586
    January 13, 2020 at 5:28 pm

    We were lucky enough to be able to participate in this experience. From the moment we entered the house, to the moment we left we were treated like honoured guests. The family was so friendly and hospitable and the food was delicious! They were kind enough to have cooked many different dishes, starters and mains- there was something for everyone. I would highly recommend this experience- it is unique, and you really feel like you have had a good insight into Omani culture. Only negative might be the price- it is slightly high as the Omani currency is so strong…. however I would say it is worth it

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